Sound Bath Meditation - The Field Club SOLD OUT

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The Field Club, Greenwich, CT

We will be holding a private evening Sound Bath Meditation at The Field Club in Greenwich, CT. Therapeutic Sound Bath Meditations have been clinically shown to help with relaxation, stress management and our sleep/wake cycle.

The reason sound is so healing is because we are sound, as is the world around us. We are resonating, pulsating, vibrating beings. Water is one of the best conductors of sound and we are 70 percent water. When we say we “resonate” with something, it’s not just a figure of speech. That is the absolute truth. When we feel something in our bones, or in our gut, that is an example of the power of frequency and our ability to literally “tune into it” and identify it. It is a natural ability, the result of our physiology. There is nothing magical about it. It is who and what we are.

– When the body is sick… It’s all a matter of the frequencies of the body being out of tune, off balance, out of sync. Vibration can help bring that back into balance (Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Oncologist-Weill Cornell)